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SD-WAN solutions for an intelligent local network

Turbocharge your local network

eComms provides SD-WAN services for a cost-effective, secure and reliable local network. We’ll optimise your local business network across multiple sites using standard internet links for high performance.


Explore Software Defined Wide Area Networks

What is an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) technology is a new approach to network connectivity. Wide Area Networks (WANs) are networks operating across long distances or multiple locations – they usually require manual configuration and are complex to manage and monitor.

A software-defined (SD) WAN makes manual management redundant and offers serious business advantages.

How do SD-WANs work?

SD-WAN technology generally uses standard internet connections. Instead of manually directing traffic in your network, SD-WAN uses software to automatically direct traffic based on the rules and parameters you set

It’s essentially taking your network administration and creating a cloud-based service to manage your network. Your in-house IT specialists will still have a complete overview of your WAN, without the manual work.

Complex interconnectivity simplified

Comprehensive management and security done for you

Complete control

Our team of specialist network engineers will work with you to design an SD-WAN solution that meets the unique needs of your team.

You’re fully in control of rules and parameters. You can categorise and identify your users, content and network applications and enforce access control policies (block or prioritise applications).


We have connections with every Tier 1 carrier in the country – so do you. We handpick the best data access link for each site and then connect them all through our Layer 2 Network – future-proofing your network from day one.

You may start with one or two office locations, but five years from now, you might have nine or ten! You'll always get the best service, no matter how many sites join your network.

Safe and secure

We know security’s importance to your business, so our fully managed SD-WAN solution includes Next Generation firewall capabilities.

You get access to state-of-the-art malware protection, including a database of over 500 million known files (with over 1.5 million new file samples recorded daily), so you can gain control over evasive and encrypted traffic like BitTorrent and Skype.

Technical Info

Fully managed SD-WAN solutions

We’re one of the only Australian telecommunications providers with a globally connected Next Generation Network – which gets you a depth of security, reliability and local service that's hard to find.

Next-generation firewall capabilities with Layer 7 traffic classification and control
Intrusion detection engine based on Sourcefire’s Snort to protect your network from malicious entities and threats
Identity-based and device-aware security with active directory integrations, content and application filtering and customisable firewall rules
Sourcefire Engine to protect you from exploits, viruses, rootkits and threats prevention – updated daily and pushed via the cloud so no patching or staging is required
Real-time graphical reporting
Auto provisioning IPsec VPN
Flexible tunnelling, topology, and security policies
Incorporate an industry- leading malware protection solution and real-time malware blocking
Redundancy with dual WAN and 3G/4G failover

Let’s talk SD-WAN tech

eComms provides a fully managed SD-WAN solution through the Cisco Meraki or Fortinet suite of security appliances. More than just providing SD-WAN, the Meraki and Fortinet appliances are next-generation firewall devices with advanced security, filtering and malware protection features.
High reliability is ensured through automatic failovers, load balancing and intelligent path control – all controlled by easy-to-administer software.

One Partner

More than just networks

We’re one of Australia’s only telco partners that provide phone, data and voice technology – combined.

Unified, capable, reactive

When you combine your phone system, voice and data technology with us, you’ll get a single secure, reliable and responsive communication ecosystem. Avoid frustrating downtime or finger-pointing when something goes wrong – we have deep visibility of your entire setup, so we can support you 100%, reducing the need to ever involve third parties.

Your Experience

Your Wide Area Network, your way

Implementation done right

Our award-winning project managers like nothing more than breaking out their Gantt charts and using up the post-it note budget so that we can implement exceptional end-to-end delivery for your new network.

Round-the-clock care

Like a sentinel for your business, our robust and stable network delivers you one of the highest up-times in Australia – steady and reliable so your business can be too. Our network support team is just a phone call away and available whenever you need them.

The Right Tech

Choosing the right network solution

One size doesn’t fit all

Multi-site networks spanning wide areas come with complex problems that need careful consideration. An SD-WAN solution might be the right choice for some enterprises, while other network technology – like an MPLS network – may work better in other situations.

You’re in safe hands

Both MPLS and SD-WAN solutions have pros and cons – it comes down to the type of business you run, what services your staff need, and what level of reliability you’re willing to live with.

Unsure which network solution is best for your business? We’re here to help. Our experienced network engineers and architects listen to your business requirements and advise on the best network solution for you – then we build it.

Why eComms

Your partner for intelligent network technology

eComms has the experience, knowledge and skill to simplify your local networks so your business can go further. We’ve been helping Australian businesses optimise multi-site networks for over 20 years.

When people join us, they like to stay – for a long time – which means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in network design that is unmatched.

Deep in troubleshooting mode, we sometimes need to remind our tech team to put down the mouse and step away from the screen. We never walk away from a problem and work quickly and relentlessly to get you back on track.

While you may think you need new network technology, we can help uncover that you need to shift resources, open a new office, and build that app you’ve been planning. We don’t just know telecommunications – we know business.

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