Infrastructure as a Service. Virtual servers, storage and backup

A better, simplified way to manage your IT systems

Avoid the complexity, specialised IT staff and expense of purchasing and managing your own physical servers and data centre infrastructure.

eComms’ IaaS – secure computing resources that live in our managed data centres – proactively monitored and managed by our 24/7 network operations centre.

With access to 23 secure data centres across Australia, including all the NextDC and Equinix UTI Tier III facilities, we can deploy your IaaS instances geographically close to your main offices for the lowest latency possible.

Every business has specific requirements so each deployment of IaaS is customised. Our project managers and engineers will work with you to design the most cost-effective solution for your particular needs.

From shared virtual servers to dedicated high performance bladeservers, HyperV and VMware, daily backups and on-demand technical support, eComms can provide everything your business requires.

Secure computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet or an MPLS

Typical IaaS Scenarios

  • Replace your physical servers with virtual machines
  • High performance dedicated servers for mission critical applications
  • Allow multiple offices to easily access resource intensive applications (eg CAD applications for multi-site architecture firms)
  • Extendable and flexible storage resources
  • Cloud based managed firewalls
  • Website and intranet hosting
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