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Zagame Automotive Group

Making the impossible possible

One of eComms’ longest customer partnerships is with the prestige vehicle brand, Zagame Automotive Group. A family owned and managed business, Zagame Automotive Group have relied on us for management and consultation on its voice and network environment for 15-years. Through this long partnership, we’ve provided advice and implemented a range of business communication technologies while overcoming many complex challenges. We’ve taken Zagame from ISDN to SIP, upgraded and replaced individual site-based PBXs with a consolidated virtual centralised platform, integrated new sites and kept the business connected during site relocations and renovations.
Our network architects have designed Zagame with a modern environment which makes the successful automotive group ready to take up any new opportunity as attractive new brands and sites become available. At times, Zagame Automotive Group have asked us for the (seemingly) impossible. By taking the time to think creatively and strategically, we’ve met Zagame’s needs again and again – rising to every challenge, reducing communications costs and management overheads, increasing functionality and making the impossible possible.
We sat down with owner and Director of Zagame Automotive Group, Adrian Zagame, and their CIO, Allen Sui, to talk about how the eComms + Zagame partnership has evolved over the past 15 years.

Who is Zagame Automotive Group?

Zagame Automotive Group is an exclusive automotive retail organisation for some of the world’s best luxury, sports and performance vehicles. A sales and service dealer across Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand, Zagame Automotive represents prestige brands such as Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. They are also one of Australia’s largest Audi retailers.
In addition to sales, service, repairs and restorations, Zagame Automotive Group offer a dedicated Autosport division which provides exclusive track days, driver training and tailored motorsport programs.



Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand Multi-site business




Luxury automotive sales and service group representing prestige brands with an exclusive Autosport division

The business has multiple sites and has experienced rapid growth through acquisitions and diversification. Zagame is a complex, fast-paced business with a high-end customer market. They demand smart solutions that are fast and simple to implement, and that connect seamlessly to their existing architecture. But more than anything, they need a trusted telco provider that they can rely on 100%.

So, where do we fit in? We support Zagame Automotive Group with a range of products and services that enable them to deliver premium customer experiences for their prestige brands.

“There are too many cases where there have been phone calls after hours or within the holiday seasons from us to eComms, and they’ve saved us a lot of trouble on our servers and on downtime and things related to operations. I can’t even count every time that there was something major happening, and we could count on those guys that, you know, they’ll pick up their phones, they’ll get those things sorted no matter when what they’re doing, no matter where they are in the world.” – Allan Sui, CIO

Creating a Contact Centre Cornerstone

Allan Sui, Zagame’s CIO, explained that around 2015, the business was incredibly focused on growth – and to have that many different branches and different brands with different sort of people and cultures all working for the same organisation, under the ‘Zagame’ name, was becoming complex. Essentially, Zagame Automotive Group was still a small family-owned business, model wise. But for that many brands and that many different work cultures to come into one place, it just wasn’t really working for customers. Allan explains, “Customers weren’t finding a consistent experience through our dealerships. They go to say, for example, one particular brand’s showroom and they’ll be treated one way. But then there are other minority dealerships, ones that we just recently bought and hadn’t really set up properly yet, they’d go to those places and it’s a completely different Zagame experience.”
It soon came to an obvious point that Zagame needed a central point of content for all customers that could be used to drive the customer experience and maintain a consistent master brand. The business decided that a Customer Contact Centre was needed, but back then they were running separate phone systems at every single dealership on-site and running ISDN lines into each every single one of dealerships separately. They weren’t in a position to implement a Contact Centre in a nice quick way. As with many large-scale implementations, the project needed to be completed yesterday, yet given the current set-up, even the timeframe of several weeks wasn’t feasible. Zagame decided to outsource to an external partner to provide a ‘bolt on’ service; at the time eComms was not yet set up to provide a Contact Centre of the scale required.
“Initially, it worked really fast and really well. But then it didn’t work. We were having phone issues. We’re having line issues. We’re having some sort of nightmare every two weeks. So it wasn’t an ideal situation. So eComms put through a proposal for us with the provision of a new backbone of the business – both phone system wise and also the lines coming into our environment – switching from ISDN to SIP. And that really changed the game for us.” – Allan Sui, CIO
Zagame Automotive Group switched to the eComms hosted and managed Mitel Contact Centre, which was successful implemented and has been the cornerstone of their customer experience since.
“Throughout the years, the Customer Contact Center has become such a key piece for the business. We all really care about what happens in the Contact Center on a daily basis now” – Allan Sui, CIO

A partnership like no other

It’s clear that the 15-year partnership between Zagame Automotive Group and eComms is unique as far as partner-to-partner relationships go. There is an incredible level of trust and respect present between the two businesses. Over the years, they have challenged each other, pushing new and innovative ideas and moving boundaries. Allan Sui describes how working with eComms has allowed him to consider IT differently, taking on eComms advice and seeing end results that are positive, cost effective and reliable.
“They wholeheartedly support customers to find the ultimate solution catered for them. Not just like another big telco. It’s not just a corporate business that has a framework for everything and a process for everything and anything. If you’re with one of those telcos and you don’t fit into those framework and processes, guess what? You’re not a customer. With those telcos their customers are always struggling and the customers that don’t fit in to the framework are always whingeing and complaining. With eComms, we give them challenges outside the normal and they say ‘Oh, let me let me think about it. Let me come back to you’ Within a couple of days it’s ‘Let’s do it. Let’s do it right to meet your needs. And we’ll support it this way. To make sure that all works’ they don’t just give you any solution because you asked you asked for it.” – Allan Sui, CIO

Why the eComms + Zagame partnership works

Over many years, we’ve built a trusting partnership with Zagame Automotive Group. Because they know they can wholeheartedly rely on us, we’ve been able to provide Zagame Automotive Group with business changing communication technology solutions.
With our expert advice and guidance, Zagame’s phone systems, internet and data, voice, and contact centre have kept up with their meteoric growth. We’ve backed them when they’ve needed us and we’ve met every challenge they’ve thrown our way, even making the impossible possible.
“Our relationship is built on trust – on the understanding of having the right partner to fulfil our needs any which way we took the business. eComms are supplying us with what we need and for what our vision is as far as growth goes.” – Adrian Zagame, Director

How we support Zagame Automotive

  • Multi-site MPLS network
  • Centralized Enterprise SIP
  • Managed Firewall
  • Centralized Mitel Voice solution
  • Centralized Mitel Contact Centre hosted and connected
“With a lot of ISPs, you’ve got nowhere to go. It’s about how much noise you can make to get a reaction, whereas working with eComms, it’s just a matter of speaking to the person who is going to fix your issue. Over the years, you get to know the team, which is really important. You build relationships on the basis of getting what you need from the right person for the job as well – as opposed to being lost in the system with one person moving you through the through the ranks, to other people that you are really just there to make you go away. That is a major difference” – Adrian Zagame, Director

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