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CD Motor Group

Acquisitions, relocations, renovations and expansion

Over the past 15 years, eComms have forged a trusted partnership with CD Motor Group, a well-regarded, family owned and operated automotive and lifestyle dealer group located in Victoria. We began our relationship with the business when they first wanted to expand – going from a single dealership to a multi-site operation – and needed to upgrade their ageing analogue phone system. Since then, we’ve seen sites of the successful business come, go, change and grow. Today, we support CD Motor Group with a centralised Mitel Voice solution, centralised SIP, and internet management – a powerful telephony and data mix that is deliberately designed to flex up as the business continues to grow.
We sat down with CD Motor Group’s IT Manager, Nicola Burke, to talk about how and why she believes eComms is the most friendly and personable company she’s ever partnered with.

Who is CD Motor Group?

CD Motor Group is a nationally recognised leader in the automotive and lifestyle vehicle industry. The dealership group includes brands such as Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi and New Age Caravans and also covers pre-owned vehicles plus a wholesale business. Driven by a customer-centric philosophy, CD Motor Group have won numerous national and international awards for customer satisfaction.



Victoria Multi-site business




Car and caravan dealer group representing well-known brands

The business has multiple sites located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and has steadily grown, acquiring new sites regularly and expanding with purpose. They need a sophisticated, centralised telephony environment to ensure their award-winning customer service standards are maintained. Another key requirement is their need for flexibility for adding new sites. The business acquires and disposes of new sites regularly so they need a robust centralised tech system that and can cope with complexity.

So, where do we fit in? We support CD Motor Group with a range of products and services that enable them to add on new sites quickly, seamlessly and without downtime.

It’s quite complex to add a company on and make sure the phone systems work and that they all talk between sites. We’ve had a lot of projects like this that we’ve had to tackle together, and eComms has always provided great consulting and advice across those projects.” – Nicola Burke, IT Manager

Going digital

In 2017, CD Motor Group and eComms undertook a key project together – switching from an ageing analogue phone system to a new, digital Mitel system. The project required a huge rollout of hardware across three sites at that time, including head office that ran a customer contact centre. A complex upgrade, eComms needed to factor in rolling out call queues, call routing, swapping a large amount of hardware over and training staff in the call centre. Moving from analogue to digital also required consideration of cloud hosting, server set up and new infrastructure. We were able to stabilise the existing infrastructure to allow the business to take the time to explore how their communications would best work over multiple sites.
“There were lots of moving parts for that project and there was a lot of discussion around the best way for business to set up the new infrastructure. The eComms team offered unbiased advice and provided a lot of valuable feedback around the directions we could take. That advice was highly regarded, and we were very thankful for their guidance.” – Nicola Burke, IT Manager
The implementation was a success, but it was the initial planning and design of the right foundation that has ultimately set up CD Motor Group to be able to sustain growth ever since. The eComms solution has delivered outstanding resilience and uptime allowing CD Motor Group to move and shift with the quickly changing market they operate in – we’ve

Looking ahead

The end goal for CD Motor Group is to work with eComms as the sole provider for their internet/data, phone system and voice solutions. Combining services and working with a single trusted business communications technology provider has a range of benefits, but Nicola sums up the real driver behind the decision perfectly:
“It all comes down to ease of troubleshooting and support really. When I started at the company we had a whole heap of providers, some services were with TPG, some with Telstra, and some with eComms – there were just companies all over the place. It was so difficult to support when something went down. If you didn’t know what the specific service problem was and who ran that service, it took some time to even begin the troubleshooting process and getting support rather than just having one central contact to go to who has a complete overview of the business.”

Why the eComms + CD Motor Group partnership works

During our partnership, we’ve been able to provide CD Motor Group with business changing advice and guidance because we’ve taken the time to genuinely understand all aspects of their business and their business goals.
“Sometimes when you work with third party companies, if you don’t talk to the right person, it can take a day for them to work out what it is that you’re talking about. Whereas with eComms they’re across our business setup. Being a long-term client that’s gone a long way to build our relationship.”
Whether it’s through service support and day to day operational requirements or providing guidance and advice around strategic.

How we support CD Motor Group

  • Centralised SIP
  • Centralised Mitel Voice solution
  • Internet management
“eComms are reliable, reactive to fast changing situations, they’re prompt with their service and they’re always willing to help.” – Nicola Burke, IT Manager
Decisions, we’re a trusted extension of the award-winning CD Motor Group team.
“I know pretty much everyone that works there, and I feel like it doesn’t really matter who answers the phone or who works on whatever ticket is raised from our company, they have a general idea of the business’s layout which is quite complex. You do always feel like they know you, they know who you are, and they have an idea of that weird, obscure thing that was set up in the system that you know has to work that one specific way.” – Nicola Burke, IT Manager

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