SIP phone demo
Ensure you are prepared for the ISDN shutdown
September 2019 - that’s when Australian ISDN networks begin shutting down. If you don’t plan for the switch, your phone services could be completely cut off. It doesn’t need to be said how much of a disruption that would be to your business. Which means you need to plan ahead.…
Mitel phone in boardroom
Top five ways to optimise for 2019
A new year brings new opportunities. A chance to start fresh - and that goes for your communications as well. For many people the start of the calendar is a great time to look for deals with yearly insurance, etc. Communications are exactly the same. The cost can often range…
eComms office
Our new offices and website.
Welcome to 2019! We hope you had a fun and prosperous 2018 and we look forward to servicing our valued customers in 2019. 2018 was an exciting year for eComms with our move from Notting Hill into our beautiful new offices in South Melbourne. The picture below and those across…
data centre
Why it Makes Sense for Today's Business
Unified communications delivered in the cloud can help businesses of all sizes address many collaboration and communications challenges.  Each day, more companies and government agencies are moving applications or IT infrastructure components to the cloud. And, as organisations realize the benefits of these services, the trend toward cloud services isn’t…
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