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Luther College required new IP handsets to replace their legacy Samsung system.

Christopher Topp, CTO at Luther College, and eComms worked together to deploy and integrate a Mitel MiVoice solution to replace their legacy Samsung handsets.


Luther College is a private senior school in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs which prides itself on providing high quality education to more than 1000 students since 1964. With over 150 teaching staff, the school has quite complex and sophisticated communication requirements which are tightly integrated with their Microsoft OCS and Skype for Business (S4B) applications.

Luther College has been a long term customer of eComms and we had previously installed Samsung systems and handsets throughout the campus. Recently, Christopher Topp, the Chief Technology Officer at Luther, had been given budget to replace the older Samsung handsets.


eComms suggested a complete technology refresh and consider the Mitel MiVoice as a Virtualised deployment within their new High Availability Server environment using VMWare.

Chris suggested the investment in Samsung was significant and another limiting factors in implementing new technologies was the legacy cabling throughout the far reaching parts of the campus.

We offered to quote the handsets and provide a Mitel demo onsite to key personnel at Luther. Within half an hour we had established that the Mitel could provide a complete UCC solution that would remove the need to integrate with S4B because all of the S4B functions are contained within the eComms supported environment of the Mitel Application Suite (whilst still leaving the option to integrate to S4B if desired later).

We were able to overcome the cabling as Mitel provide a “streamline” product that allows the old 2 pair cable to be converted into IP outlets so that IP handsets can be connected back to the network. In the end we were able to achieve these connections using the Gigabit pass-through that is standard with all of the new 6000 series of handsets.

  • Implement new IP handsets across the campus.
  • Delivered a technology refresh, including new Mitel 6000 series IP handsets and UCC capabilities.
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During the roll out process eComms supplied a Mitel 3300 controller to connect the existing ISDN whilst we planned for the arrival of the SIP Channels. Once the SIP was installed, tested and cut over we moved the 3300 controller into a resilient mode to cater for any network or Server outages providing failover redundancy.

Luther College also deployed integrated Mitel DECT headsets to allow staff to walk 100 metres from their phones to perform other duties like caring for students in the nurses station whilst talking to parents and emergency services.

They deployed Mitel Application Suite for Collaboration tools such as IM, conferencing, and desktop sharing. They were also able to make use of the mobile client for staff mobiles over the existing Wi-Fi network.

Because the system is installed in VMware it allows Luther to plan their journey to the cloud. When they move more server infrastructure to data centres in the future the Mitel can be simply relocated within the Virtual Machine to the new location.

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