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High Speed Telstra Broadband for Business

Keep your finger on the pulse and get your hands on what you need when you need it with TBB (Telstra Business Broadband). Access your account for usage control and send files and emails easily.

Improve productivity with remote access to files and emails where there is an internet connection and router (with web remote access or VPN feature). Because you can change your speed or usage plan when your needs change (within the same package type), your service will keep pace with your business.

And because TBB does not slow you down when you reach your monthly allowance, you can maintain the productivity and predictable performance for your business needs.

Flexibility and stability

Sign up for a 24 month Broadband ADSL for Business plan and receive:

  • High Speed Broadband with download usage plans ranging from 10GB to unlimited. Pay only for what you need - we'll help you pick the plan that suits your business best.
  • 24/7 business technical support based in Australia.
  • Static IP address.
  • Unlimited uploads that don't count towards your monthly usage plan
  • Internet performance and management tools
  • 10 BusinessMail POP Mailboxes and SMTP included.
  • One Business Domain name registered and hosted at no charge (for 50GB plans and above)
  • Flexibility to upgrade/downgrade speed and usage at any time without charge.

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Telstra SIP Connect

Telstra SIP Connect is standards-based, making it is very flexible. You can move to IP Telephony at your own pace by using a combination of IP-PBXs, legacy PBXs and our fully hosted TIPT service to suit each site. It’s also scalable, so adding or removing voice channels is both fast and affordable. Configuring staff changes is a simple matter while detailed
reporting enables you to plan for future needs, making administration easier.
Better still, you no longer need separate lines for voice or data, since all traffic is converged
on a single IP network. That means you can streamline infrastructure to reduce
maintenance and management costs, while making bandwidth usage more efficient.
You’ll also be able to save on call costs with on-net calling for your organisation.

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Telstra T-Suite

Microsoft® Office 365
Microsoft® Office 365 delivers business-grade applications such as email, document storage and sharing, instant messaging, web meetings and office applications such as Word and Excel from the cloud to your business so you don't have to worry about any messy servers or IT hassles so you can get back to business.

Manage My Communications
Fast, efficient information flows are crucial to staying competitive. With access to near real-time correspondence, office systems and fast file transfers, your team can be better connected and your customers will be better served.

Secure My Business Data
Protecting business records, staff and customer data is a matter of compliance, as well as common sense.

Manage My Business Processes
Managing and integrating data to keep your business running smoothly is a mammoth task.

Manage My Customers
A well-maintained Customer Relationship Management system can deliver real improvements in efficiency, customer service, sales growth and profitability.

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Telstra IP Metropolitan Area Network (IP MAN)

If you want a simple and flexible way to connect sites in and between metropolitan areas, look no further than Telstra’s IP Metropolitan Area Network (IP MAN). It provides fast, scalable, any-to-any connectivity using Ethernet on fibre. Underpinned by the reach and reliability of the Telstra Next IP® network, IP MAN can help improve business performance, assist your network operations to run smoothly, and help reduce management costs.

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Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

The importance of business calls hasn't changed. What has changed is the pace of business.

These days, you need to make sure your people respond to customers and colleagues without missing calls or playing 'phone tag'.

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) can help your staff work at the speed of business. It offers a host of features to make voice communication faster, more convenient and effective such as:

  • Business-to-business video and high definition voice calling
  • Presence and Click-to-Call with Microsoft® Lync™
  • Simultaneous ring across multiple devices
  • Support for remote working
  • Call centre functions with TIPT Call Centre.
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Telstra Digital Office Technology (DOT)

DOT is the all-in-one solution transforming small business. It combines fixed phone lines, mobile and business broadband into one package with one simple bill.

And DOT offers smart extras other packages don’t have.

Free On-Account Calling
Unlimited calls between all phones in Australia on your DOT account (fixed lines and mobile) to help your bottom-line.

Unlimited Calling Plans
Selected plans come with unlimited standard calls within Australia, to help control your expenses.

Professional Installation and 24x7 Support
With DOT, a technician will come to you and install on site. Plus enjoy peace of mind with 24x7 business grade technical support.

Sequential and Simultaneous Ring
Your fixed phone lines and mobiles can be set to ring in sequence, or all at the same time, so you can answer customer calls the first time.

National Broadband Network (NBN) ready
DOT phones and routers are NBN ready, so when NBN arrives at your premises we’ll transition you over without you having to upgrade your equipment.

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