products Samsung Automated Attendant

Incoming calls are never kept waiting to be answered with a Samsung Telephone System Automated Attendant. The Samsung Auto Attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously; providing different greetings for each extension or department.

Samsung Telephone System Automated Attendant


The Samsung Telephone System Automated Attendant feature can, in effect, create a simple contact centre structure within your organisation, allowing you to route calls for individual extensions or groups as necessary.
The Samsung Auto Attendant can act as your organisation’s front line for customers’ first point of contact or as a reception overflow during peak periods.
External callers are prompted by the Auto Attendant to enter their choice of destination without the need for a receptionist to handle the call. If no destination is selected within a specified time, the call is automatically directed to the pre-specified destination. Automated Attendant is an ideal solution for busy departments – such as reception areas and call/response centres – or out of hours periods.
Samsung Auto Attendant can also be customised for up to 99 time periods to truly reflect the individual nature of your working pattern e.g. daytime, evening, lunch and holiday periods.