products Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS (Unified Messaging Server)

The Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS unifies all your messages, including voice mail, fax and email messages, making businesses more responsive, flexible and efficient, allowing employees to access any type of messages anytime, anywhere.

Samsung Telephone System OfficeServ IP-UMS (Unified Messaging Server)


OfficeServ IP-UMS offers a host of advanced features like:

  • Web and Outlook Subscriber Services
  • Fully synchronised unified messaging
  • Scalable up to 128 ports on the OfficeServ 7400, serving up to 1,000 subscribers (32 ports on the OfficeServ 7200)
  • Single and efficient toolbar interface with Outlook gives employees one-stop control over multiple message formats.
  • Voicemails, emails and faxes are all labeled, routed, synchronised and stored per individual user preference.
  • Advanced text-to-speech capabilities allow users to dial into their mailboxes and have their email messages read to them by the IP-UMS server (in a choice of languages if required). This service can be used within the enterprise or from the outside world using a standard or mobile telephone.
  • Incoming faxes can be received on the PC and documents can be faxed right from your desktop.
  • Administrators can log into a convenient web-accessed administration page and manage system changes remotely – including programming greeting and call routing modifications on the built-in auto attendant.


Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS delivers streamlined messaging unification and convergence for small-to-midsized businesses – powerful, convenient, scalable and affordable.  To increase productivity and messaging efficiency within your organization, step up to Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS messaging system.